CwtC Session 2: Biblical View

Wednesday, September 23: This week we stepped back at least a half century before the pre-Socratics to consider the Biblical view of Nature, reading two accounts of creation recorded in Genesis 1-3 and God’s speech from the whirlwind in Job 38.  We can see in these texts two ideas that the Judeo-Christian tradition has offered to Natural Philosophy: one, that there was a beginning; two, that there was an agent who caused the Universe to come into being.

Here are the two pieces that Dr. Kane mentioned might be of further interest.  Click to open the PDF files:

GK Chesterton’s Introduction to the Book of Job  – In his witty and engaging style, GK Chesterton brings to light the paradox of Job, touching on our reading particularly in pages 6 ff.

WSJ Book Review – The Elect and the Environment – The issues of Nature and the Environment are not just questions of ancient philosophers and Biblical accounts.  They are ever more relevant, as shown by these recent book reviews from the Wall Street Journal.


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